My name is Agnes Zimmermann, I was born in 1998, currently living in Dortmund, Germany.
I am a photographer and artist focusing on experimental photography, documentary and portraits.
Besides, I am a member of “Goenndir Kollektiv”, a music and art collective from Münster.
Since 2021, I am a scholarship holder of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

Feel free to get in touch:

+49 15734844406

by Helena Sydlik

since 2023: MA Photographic Studies at University of Applied
Sciences and Arts, Dortmund
2023: internship with Wolfgang Zurborn, Köln
2018-2022: BA Photography at University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund,
supervising professors: Prof. Susanne Brügger, Wolfgang Zurborn
2015: internship at Fotografie Wattendorff, Münster

01.07. – 05.07.2024:
group exhibition “re:vue” at Galerie Huit, Arles

2024: group exhibition “Schau Time” at “Die Sophie”, Münster
2024: group exhibition “Photographic Studies / Permanent Gardening”
at FB2 Gallery, FH Dortmund
2024: book launch and group exhibition of FRESH EYES 2024 Talents,
Haute Photographie, Rotterdam
2023: group exhibition “Fragmente eines Ganzen” as part of
2023: part of video installation “Wildness”, Charta Festival, Rome
2023: solo exhibition at “Die Sophie” as part of “Schauraum”, Münster
2023: group exhibition “Schau Time” at Localhost, Münster (curation)
2023: “Blatt für Blatt” photobook exhibition as part of f2 Fotofestival, Dortmund
2022: solo exhibition at “Grey”, Münster, as part of the event “Autumn Leaves:
Jazz & Art inspiriert von Chet Baker”
2022: group exhibition as part of the “B-Side Festival”, Münster
2018: solo exhibition at “Die Sophie”, Münster
2017: solo exhibition as part of the “B-Side Festival”, Münster

2024: FRESH EYES Talents 2024, GUP Magazine
2023: The Theatre of Real Life Vol. 22, workshop catalogue by Lichtblick School
2023: Yogurt Flavours „Wildness“, Yogurt Magazine
2022: Werkhaus #3: And isn’t it better really to leave things only hinted at? – Zine, Workhorse Collective
2021: Nullnummer – University Magazine of the FH Dortmund Design
2021: Under Her Gaze We Feel Golden – Zine, Pineapple Road Press

2024: FRESH EYES Talents, GUP Magazine

Reviews & Talks
2023: Reverse Portfolio Review (DFA), online
2023: Transparent Portfolio Review (DFA), online
2022: Portfolio Walk (DFA), Deichtorhallen Hamburg