Ohne Kompass keine Richtung; ohne Anker keinen Halt (2021)

„Ohne Kompass keine Richtung; ohne Anker keinen Halt“ („No Direction without a Compass; no Stability without an Anchor“) is a personal journey to my father’s present and past, which he connects by making use of the power of marine symbols.

Everything started with the question: „Why are you getting tattooed at your age and why did you choose the anchor and the compass as motives?“ and ended up as a philosophical confrontation based on my father’s experiences in seafaring and topics as crossing borders, setting destinations and arriving at someplace, as well as disaster management and trusting in oneself and others. Thereby the project attends to the importance of symbols in the tattoo cult as a reinforcement for body and mind.

linen hardcover
230 x 180 mm
60 pages