Die Dekonstruktion des Alltags (2020)

„Die Dekonstruktion des Alltags“ („The Deconstruction of everyday life“) deals with a subjective perception of our common and obvious surroundings and how they can suddenly transform themselves into myths.
The images, which are modified and deconstructed in several ways, should symbolize that phenomenon and turn it into a magic narrative, but always referring to „reality“ and the ordinary.

In a time, in which the everyday life and the structure and repetition that go with it, seems to be indispensable and necessary, people are seeking to break loose from it. Appearing from nowhere, a specific moment sometimes reminds us to be more conscious, to see and recognize little changes, and finally giving ordinary places, words, gestures and interactions a new spirit, dynamic and value.

handbound, open binding
198 x 245 mm
92 pages